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Warong Kampong Holland

08 September 2009

I don't think there ever was a Malay village ("kampong") in Holland itself, but the colonial Dutch East Indies was certainly over-populated with such small settlements haha. Well as you can guess, Warong Kampong Holland is located at Holland Drive, and I only came to know about it by chance some time ago. They have an interesting variety of roti pratas but I was disappointed to find out that they only serve these (along with murtabaks and roti johns) after three in the afternoon. I'm quite sure I will return in the near future to sample those pratas, they certainly sound good and I hope they would taste as good too!

Mutton Briyani: 3.5/5

The rice was alright, but what I liked more was the mutton because it was really soft and tender. Personally I prefer "plainer" briyani rice (this one had bits of corn and even nuts) and the portion could have been a wee bit more too.

Chicken Briyani

The best friend, my lunch partner every Monday, had the chicken briyani. A healthy drumstick indeed. Actually the deep-fried chicken, the Indian-style one that has an orange-red hue akin to tandoori chicken, looked quite appetising too, and I would think it would have gone well with the briyani.

$4.50 for each "set", which comes with a drink of your choice.
I had the iced milk tea (left) which was really sweet and good.

Blk 47 Holland Drive.

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