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26 September 2009

I've always wanted to give Ricciotti a visit for its much reviewed desserts but haven't really found the time to do so until most recently. Some of the desserts were good, some were utterly... horrid. I'm not sure if it's because we can't appreciate them but it was pretty unanimous across a table of seven that we didn't like the ricciotti or the profiteroles at all.

Morbida: 4/5

The good things first: the morbida. A curious name, certainly strikes up the word "morbid", but hey, this is good stuff. It tastes better than the way it's described - "mouth watering chocolate mousse on a base of supple chocolate sponge" - as it combines soft chocolate mousse with a solid core and well, delicious liquid chocolate inside. Pity the pictures are quite out of focus, but this is one dessert from Ricciotti that you should try!

Soffiato: 4/5

This warm, dark chocolate cake was a joy to behold (and to eat), much because of the richness of the cake and the oozing liquid chocolate inside. My friends were saying that this soffiato's pretty good because the cake is adequately moist as compared to some others which are quite dry.

Ricciotti: 2/5

We thought the ricciotti, being from a restaurant named as such, would be good. It turned out to be as unimpressive (and boring) as it looks and no one bothered to finish it. A couple of my friends were a little too loud in sounding their displeasure and I think, from the dark looks of the waiters, that they've gotten their audience alright. Tsk. Tact, people, tact.

Profiteroles: 2.25/5

Ah, the profiteroles. When it came to the table, my friend shrieked and said we shouldn't have ordered it (she was too busy fussing over something else when we were making our orders). Later, I understood why she reacted that way. The profiteroles were made of three custard balls moulded together, one being vanilla custard, the other was chocolate custard, and the third, some bright greenish "sludge" that I couldn't quite identify. The chocolate custard was the most bearable of the lot, the greenish one on the other hand was the least edible, at least to us. I'd spare you the picture of the close-up because it turned out looking quite gross! The chocolate coating over the cream puffs wasn't very nice, and the exterior of the cream puffs was actually rubbery.

Haha, I'd stick to the morbida and soffiato anytime! :)

Very good, but we noticed a change in the waiters after my friends' outburts.

$7.80 for the morbida
$8.90 for the soffiato
$7.80 for the ricciotti
$7.80 for the profiteroles

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

The Riverwalk (Upper Circular Road / Boat Quay), # B1-49/50.

Additional Comments
1. I heard that the main courses here are quite good, so you might like to give them a try. Click here for the menu.
2. Lots of daily promotions, including daily one-for-one beer. Click here for the list of promotions, and look up "seasonal promotions".

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