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Starbucks II

19 October 2008

Some of you may say Starbucks is another one of those symbols of capitalism, another one of those pretentious coffee boutiques that "cheat" money out of people and is only for people who like to "show off". Well, to each his own really, but I really like Starbucks as a place because one, I like the coffee there, especially my caramel macchiato, and two, every single Starbucks staff that I've met is friendly, polite and thoughtful. They will be more than willing to give you a extra cup of water, a couple of them actually gave me free drinks just because I was waiting a minute longer than I should for my vouchers, and some stop to talk to you while you're taking a break from studying. It's these little things that make you feel comfortable and want to go back for more.

Uglier Curry Puff: 7.3/10

I've always been curious about this harmless looking thing that has a pretty amusing name to it. What does "ugly" have to do with anything man.

Making a small incision and prying open the little puff, the smell of curry spices jumps to your nose and you know this is one spicy curry puff. And it is so, if not just a little wee bit oily as well. But the chicken bits were discernible and the overall taste was not too bad. Have it heated up, and down it with ice cold water. Yums.

Chocolate Scone: 7.2/10

The great thing about this little fella here is that when heated, some of the chocolate bits inside melt, making it heavenly whenever you hit the chocolate spot (ahem). Very rich chocolate too, just like the Chocolate Muffin. Problem is that some parts of the scone can be terribly dry, making it a bit hard to swallow.


Around $3.90 for the curry puff
Around $2.80 for the scone
$7.00 for a "venti" caramel macchiato
("Venti" being the largest size)

Harbourfront Centre
1 Maritime Square

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