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Timbre @ Substation

27 March 2008

The 25th of March was MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! =)

Daphne had in store for me a brilliant dinner treat for me at Timbre, Substation and it was a pure gastronomic sensation. Thank you for the dinner treat, and thank you too for dedicating a song from the band to me, it touched my heart and I'm so glad to have you to spend my special day with me!

It was our first time at Substation's Timbre actually, and as far as alfresco dining goes, this is certainly a great place to just hang out with friends over great food and drinks. At the same time, because of the pretty rustic setting, it makes it a romantic but not overly pretentious place to dine with your special one.

Timbre's Seafood Pizza: 9.5/10

I'm feeling all hungry and in deep craving for this pizza just by looking at the picture all over again. It looks FANTASTIC, doesn't it? And indeed, it tastes wonderfully good as well!

Timbre's Seafood Pizza is not your usual Pizzahut or Canadian pizza that focuses a lot on the bread and cheese, because really this is the traditional Italian fire-cooked thin crust pizza we're talking about and Timbre seems to have hit the G (gastronomic)-spot here. I really enjoyed the cheese, the crisp and the fresh seafood ingredients which made this a great birthday dish for me indeed.

I seem to be using so much superlatives, but it IS that good =)

Garlic Chicken Pasta: 7/10

Daphne liked this, the usual creamy pasta which she simply adores and can never get enough of. It's quite cute really when her pasta's always the whitey creamy ones while mine would always be the red meaty ones.

We changed the pasta from fettuccine to linguine because she doesn't quite like the flat ones. Bits of the pasta had a slightly awkward spinach aftertaste, but still it was very well-cooked.

Mushroom Soup: 8.5/10

Timbre has some fancy name for this mushroom soup, some triple mushroom thing, but hey, what matters most is the taste, and to the both of us, this is one of the best mushroom soups we've tasted.

Sure, it may not have big bits of chewy mushrooms like that of Soup Spoon, but it had that pleasant thick creaminess that the both of us simply love in our soups. The crispy and nicely marinated garlic bread was so yummy, and I think Daphne pretended she was full and let the birthday boy have most of it. As you can tell, I like my garlic bread toasted to a nice dark brown. It tasted great alone, and even better with the soup. It has to be this good mix that gives this soup a high rating.

Despite the low reviews online, I have to say for myself that the service was pretty good actually, the staff were polite and they were pretty attentive. One thing though, iced water is on a free one-round basis, and you can't have anymore after that. I suppose they sensed that I was quite amused at such a silly policy, and gave us another glass. It's not 2011 yet people, we're still getting our water freely from across the causeway.

$17 for the Pizza, $18 for the Pasta, and $7 for the Soup, excluding taxes.

The Substation
45 Armenian Street
Entrance is from behind the Substation House

Additional Comments
1. There's a live band almost every night, so a great place to just sit back and relax.
2. I observed two crowd favourites from the menu: chicken wings and the seafood basket (wedges, prawn, calamari etc.) I must try the latter, no make that both (!!) soon, along with my Seafood Pizza again! Yum yum! =)

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