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26 March 2008

Yesterday, the 25th of March, was MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! =)

Since I knew Daphne had plans for me in the evening, I thought I should treat her with something she has been craving for for quite some time now - chocolate fondue! Besides, I'm like the chocolate lover of all time, so celebrating this special day with oh so wonderful chocolate seems to me like the best thing to do! =)

I took her to Swiss Culture because I've read and heard some great reviews on this little place in Suntec City, and it turns out their chocolate fondue is one of the most hailed fondues on this island. Having already tried Max Brenner's fondue in the past (in my opinion, pretty over-rated) and passing on Swensen's (because we were going there for supper with our friends that night), I was hoping that Swiss Culture's chocolate would be good.

Swiss Culture Chocolate Fondue: 9/10

And yes, the chocolate was DELICIOUS! While the fruits were just fruits, and marshmallows just marshmallows, the real deal was in the rich, creamy and dark chocolate that had that distinct mark of quality Swiss chocolate. I was cooing in delight at every lick and mouthful, while Daphne was dipping the condiments as deep and thick as they could go.

The chocolate, when heated up gradually by the small fire, tasted better and better with each passing minute. I can still think about the warm, thick chocolate even when I'm sitting here typing this post like more than thirty hours later. If I had to describe the chocolate in one word, somehow the word SEXY actually springs to mind.

Little wonder then that Swiss Culture dares to label its chocolate fondue as a "Must Try" on its menu, and I realised a lot of people would come here just for this. And for such quality, it's amazingly affordable too. Thumbs up.

Very attentive staff, if not, too attentive.

$14.80 (excluding taxes). Simply awesome.

Suntec City Mall #03-006.
Opposite Toys-R-Us and along the stretch of restaurants.

Additional Comments
Read that their Cheese Fondue is good stuff too, you might like to try it.

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