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Mad Jack Cafe

16 March 2008

So we've got Botak Jones, Crazy Ang Moh and Mad Jack. There must be something quirky about our Caucasian friends here. HAHA.

Chicken Cream of Corn Soup: 5/10

I didn't like this at all, because eventhough it was quite thick and smelled good, in the end it tasted very bland. Kind of more starchy than thick actually.

Cheese Fries: 7.5/10

Kind of forgotten what was the exact name of this dish, but it's cheese fries alright. Although I would have wanted the fries piping hot, still the cheese and mayo went well with the fries.

Fish and Chips: 7.5/10

Pretty good fish and chips, although we are really starting to miss the food at Globetrotters. What I like about this dish is the freshness of the fish, which is really quite visible when you remove the layer of batter.

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce: 7/10

The sauce was quite good, and overall the dish is tasty. I was so hungry that I immediately gave half of the chicken to Daphne, and she trading it with a fish slice (as we do sometimes in restaurants by sharing), before I realised I have yet to take a picture. I scooped the chicken off her plate and back onto mine for this minute of photo-taking. Hahaha...

Chocolate Delight Cake (with Vanilla Ice-Cream): 7.7/10

I don't normally eat that much cake, but this turned out quite rich and good actually. The top part was so chocolatey good.

Satisfactory. The staff seem alright, just that the guys need to smile more!

We actually ordered two set dinners - the fish and chips and the grilled chicken.
Both came with soup of the day, a drink (coke/sprite) and dessert (the cake and ice-cream).
We added the cheese fries and a bottle of mineral water.
Altogether: $40.00.

Bukit Timah Road
Before Coronation Plaza, After Serene Centre
Next to Police Post.

Additional Comment
It's certified Halal.

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